Here are all the titles I have available; most have LGBT/vampire themes, some not--I have a nice variety, I think Feel free to browse, and click on the link to my Amazon page at the bottom if any of them tickle your fancy


Alasdair Connery has existed on this planet for ten thousand years--the first, the father of all vampires. His ego is huge and so is his appetite, until he runs into a married couple that intrigues him a little too much.


Bruce and Jeffrey are settling into their married life, until a tragic accident occurs that tests them and the people who love them. Alasdair is there to offer support, especially when it's revealed that the accident...really wasn't.


Craig Hanson is out, proud, and the successful host of a talk show based in New York City, but his personal life is anything BUT successful. His boyfriend Mike is a jerk, but he's content to coast along with it until a guest appears on his talk show who claims to be a 600 year old vampire. Everyone knows vampires don't exist, though--



In this followup to Talk Of The Town, Craig, Carl and Oz are preparing for their Broadway play, Talk Show, to be a huge success, but an offer is made for the vampires in arms to take said show across the pond to London, a city that Carl has avoided ever since he became undead.  His maker, vampire mage Ninian Na Connacht, is probably long gone, but Carl can't afford to take the chance


Come find out the story behind Smokey's, the favored coffee shop of New York's admittedly sparse vampire population. You can meet Gil, Caitlin, and Fitz, that dapper vampire who loves his sartorial splendor. What's their backstory? Let's find out.


One of the City Circle stories--all standalones, jump in wherever  you like. They explore the bond a vampire has with the city of his rebirth--and how they grew together. Their past and present in alternating chapters. In Denver Circle, we meet Chris, a young street kid--but not nearly as young as he appears. He was young when Denver was Denver City, and he knows that city like the back of his hand.


In this City Circle story, we meet Aiden Byrne, a history teacher in a community college. He has a really good grasp of his subject, because he's lived it since he got off the boat from Ireland after the potato famine. Please be careful, Aiden--there's a fire coming--


Thomas Walks The Night is a warrior. He's been in law enforcement since the railroad came through Las Vegas at the turn of the century, and he's a detective now--on the night shift, of course. He's still on the lookout for his maker, but one hopes the don't run into each other.
The result might be more than the city could handle.


Arthur Middlesworth loves Christmas, the Victorian kind especially. Understandable, really, since that's the one he was raised with. Nowadays, he tries to content himself with cheesy Hallmark movies and donor blood served in aperatif glasses, until he sees an opportunity to dust off his outfit and find employment in a Christmas village. He has an ulterior motive, though--finding one of his own kind.


One of my short but sweet stories:

 Evan suffers from debilitating agoraphobia and an alphabet of other disorders, and he lives and works from his house. He lives for the days when he gets a delivery from the young woman that delivers his mail, but will he ever have the nerve to speak to her face to face?


My second short--

Wes works in his dad's crematory, and he doesn't like it one bit--especially when he has to do under the radar favors for his dad's clients. One night, one of those favors gets called in--an inmate of the asylum out of town. He swallowed something he's stolen from one of the orderlies--and was killed for his trouble. It's even worse when the delivery guy tells him--
"If you find it, I guess it's yours."


  My third short--not a vampire to be found here--

Hayden's bored--and restless.

He was supposed to be spending quality time with his parental unit before he goes off to college in the fall, but dear old Dad got called in to work today. Why not gently perve on the older hunky handyman that's working outside?

A handyman that might be more than he seems--

Hamish Winters has a problem. His dad had a fatal accident, his mom is marrying her brother-in-law, and his lover Oliver is still tied to parental apron strings. Who to talk to? Maybe his dear old Dad...

Dr. Gabriel Miller might be a certified genius, but he's pretty unlucky in love.


Not for lack of trying, but every time he thinks he's found the one, he ends up being disappointed yet again until a fellow Egyptologist from the British Museum comes for a consult. Dr. Jarod Coyne is older, available, and also interested in more than a hookup, but can they both put aside their reluctance and make it happen?


And will they have the time?