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Daniel's Poem--

My talented grandson wrote this because , like many other teens, he's pretty frustrated by the way the world is today.

Our earth decaying poem

The earth is a place we breathe on and we treat it like trash

We live in this place so called home but don’t act like it.

We all just shove warnings beneath the rug and hope it goes away.

Knowing that the animals will perish and the humans will collapse.

The emperor of countries will fall and people will go crazy.

We all treat others like trash but it’s rare to meet nice people.

We humans treat our planet like it has infinite lives but soon it will end.

We pollute than the forests crash and now were panicking on why.

Questioning why forest fires and floods occur more often.

Wondering why seasons are mixed up and don’t happen when they’re supposed to.

I know what we have to do to live but not if it will fail us humans later.

We all think we know what's right but just blame science failure.

I hate how we think we can joke around with our lives.

People killing wild animals that go extinct, wondering why?

We try to have a good system then vote for those that can’t change.

Population going wild, prices going up, people can't live cheap anymore.

Going to school to be the best on just how perfect you are.

Humans being rich complain about how perfect they are.

Humans being poor cant satisfy their needs but still manage.

Shoving daily problems under a rug, hoping it fixes tomorrow.

I hope we realize that in 12 years, our planet will go dark.

Humans have evolved with technology, shoving others behind.

Our earth is becoming dark, flying dust ball soon if we keep acting this way.

Oh, wait it's too late.

©2019 Daniel Griffith

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