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Moving ahead--about time, right?

I've been dragging my feet big time on finishing two pieces I've been working on, and I really ahve no excuse; I don't know whether it's from laziness, lack of self-confidence or a combination of the two, but I'm done with that crap. I might not be writing 5 or 6 K a day yet, but I'm getting there. Here are the things I'm working on right now.

Love Notes--the story of a cocky, self-confident Egyptologist, Dr. Gabriel Miller, and the British doctor who is tasked with helping to craft a model of the Rosetta Stone with him, Dr. Jarod Coyne. Together, they find a way to do their jobs without falling for each other, but somehow, I doubt they'll be successful :)

“Sorry I took so long, got distracted by one of your exhibits.” Everyone turned their heads to check out the man entering the room with a bashful smile, and I have to say, that soft Southern British accent did it for me without even looking.

---Oh, but when I looked—

I had to physically keep my jaw from dropping like Marley’s Ghost. The specimen of manhood who entered the conference space had the lab coat and the pocket protector, but that was all he had in common with being nerdlike. He filled out the shoulders of that lab coat with little room to spare, and the snug fit of his shirt and trousers hinted at a drool-worthy body underneath, with softly defined abs, not those steroid-induced gym rat balloon animals. Oh, what a privilege it would be to unwrap that. Mahogany brown hair shot through with silver softly curled around his ears and touched the top of his white collar, and gorgeous salt and pepper stubble halfway to beard status coated his finely sculpted chin and cheeks. And that mouth? Oh God—his lower lip was just a hair larger, so plump and inviting I found myself wishing I could nibble on it forever. His eyes were beautiful even through the wire-rimmed glasses; his expressive soft hazel irises were haloed with gold, and long dark lashes almost brushed the lenses as he hurriedly took them off.

--and dimples—oh my God, dimples. I put my hand on my chest for a second as if to check my heartbeat. Look for an excerpt and image from Elfin Season later today :) Thanks for being patient, everyone. I appreciate each and every one of you. Kathy

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